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Learn how to effortlessly make authentic Cantonese food

My dad (aka Daddy Lau) spent 50+ years as a chef and has taught millions of people how to cook.

Every night, he casually whips up 4-6 course meals for us. And he knows every trick in the book to make cooking simple, fun, and tasty. It'll work for you too! 

  • No cooking experience needed
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to cook Chinese food
  • Never look at a recipe again
  • Learn authentic Cantonese recipes, techniques, and skills
  • 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Instant access to our entire library of courses
  • Create memories and traditions with your family together through food
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Master the "Restaurant Approach" to Home Cooking

Get the secret techniques to saving time, money while creating authentic, restaurant-quality Cantonese food for your family.

  • Kitchen Management: Install an effortless system to make it easy to cook every day.
  • Grocery Shopping: Save time and money stocking your fridge with exactly what you need - no more, no less.
  • Methods: Break free from recipes by understanding the fundamentals of the major Chinese cooking methods.
  • Techniques: Become confident using a wok, spatula, knife.
  • Ingredients: Understand how to use the full breadth of Cantonese vegetables, meats, spices, and sauces. 
  • Flavors: Craft hundreds of dishes with a handful of Cantonese staples
  • Presentation: Make irresistible food your family can't wait to eat

You can learn all of this, too!

AND - we’ve created the solution to help you get there 100x faster
(without 50+ years of trial and error!)


The Canto Cooking Club

Everything you need to know to build the foundation & intuition to cook and think like a Chinese restaurant chef.


This is everything you need to:

  • Build the intuition to break free from recipes & cook with more soul, more love.
  • Learn time-saving techniques to cook more efficiently
  • Stop wasting ingredients by expanding your repertoire of dishes
  • Cultivate a lifelong passion with people around the world
  • Make restaurant-quality food that you're proud to share
  • Set yourself up to cook more often and have fun in the process
  • Avoid the frustration of ruined dishes - gain confidence from the moment you join
  • Create memories & traditions cooking for the people you love
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$12.99 per month. (Less than takeout!)
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Your membership gives you access to:

Our exclusive, on-demand classes

Once you join, you can immediately jump into our step-by-step classes on Cantonese cooking fundamentals.

New class & recipe every month

Every month, you'll get a new in-depth class: complete with multiple videos, a mastery recipe, and cheatsheets to refer back to.

Our passionate, supportive community

The best way to build a skill is with others! Our community will help you grow, celebrate with you, and keep you accountable.

Your plan for mastering Cantonese cooking


Join the Canto Cooking Club

For just $12.99/month, you get access to all of our on-demand classes, mastery recipes, cheatsheats, and community.


Learn & practice at your own pace

Our on-demand classes are designed to be completed in order, but jump in anywhere you like at your own pace.


Enjoy the tasty food you'll cook!

Watch your skills improve, your lifestyle change, and your family thanking you for the delicious memories!

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$12.99 per month. (Less than takeout!)
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What will you gain in the Canto Cooking Club?


with ingredients & techniques

Know the what, when, how, and why behind Chinese ingredients & techniques.


to cook without recipes

Simplify cooking with fundamentals so you can "play" in the kitchen.


from a Chinese master chef

Learn from my dad's 50+ years of experience as a master Chinese chef.


of passionate, life-long learners

Become a better cook alongside friends from all around the world.


cooking for loved ones more often

Bring your family together to make memories eating delicious foods.


to Cantonese culture & tradition

Understand how to pass down the richness of Cantonese cuisine, culture, and language.

Your step-by-step lesson plan

  • Beginner's mindset: Even if you're already familiar with some Cantonese recipes, we explain the fundamentals you were never taught (with some nuances you probably don't know about!)
  • Step-by-step learning: Each classes is designed to build on the skills learned on the previous classes. (But feel free to skip around!)
  • Go at your own pace: Every class is on-demand, so you can learn and practice however it fits into your lifestyle.
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$12.99 per month. (Less than takeout!)
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Our full curriculum for 2023

  • Equipment Essentials
  • Kitchen Organization & Food Safety
  • Knife Skills: 101
  • Elements of Flavor: Savory Sauces
  • Before the Cook: Prep
  • Basics of Heat & Temperature
  • Tossing & Turning: Spatula Basics
  • Noodle Fundamentals: Wheat
  • Texture Control: Ingredients
  • Elements of Flavor: Funk
  • Texture Control: Technique
  • Elements of Flavor: Sweetness
  • Elements of Flavor: Acid
  • Filling a Table

Our full curriculum for 2024

  • Chinese BBQ Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Mushroom & Tofu
  • Noodle Fundamentals: Rice + Bean
  • Elements of Flavor: Heat (Spicy)
  • Wrapped Foods
  • Knife Skills: 102
  • Elements of Flavor: Salt + Umami
  • Advanced Texture Control: Crisp + Crunch
  • Cantonese Soup Fundamentals
  • Cultural Festivals
  • Meal Prep + Freezing
  • Preparing a Cohesive Meal

Every month, you'll get a new class on a fundamental aspect of Cantonese cooking (+ a mastery recipe + cheatsheets.)

We plan on doing this for many years, and our monthly price will increase as our library grows.

Join today to lock in this price, forever! (No contracts or commitments.)

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$12.99 per month. (Less than takeout!)
Lock in this low rate forever 🙌 
Cancel anytime. 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee ❤️



The Equipment Essentials

6 videos

26 min

What's my dad's must-have gear for a Cantonese kitchen? 


  • Utensils: What's the ideal spatula shape for a wok?
  • Appliances: The basics of using gas vs electric stoves
  • Cookware: Round vs flat-bottom woks? What are my dad's top 5 items?

Mastery Recipe: Making rice in a pot vs rice cooker



Ingredient Prep & Food Safety

5 videos

27 min

What are all of my dad's tricks to extend the life of his ingredients?


  • Perishables: Why storing vegetables upright matters & peering inside my dad's meat freezer
  • Non-Perishables: How does my dad organize his pantry?
  • Sauces & Condiments: Why do you cook sauces with boiled water?

Mastery Recipe: Beef & Broccoli (+ how to REALLY clean your broccoli)



Chinese Knife Skills: 101

5 videos

34 min

Everything you need to know about maintaining and using a Chinese cleaver, the most versatile knife.


  • Basics: What to look for in a knife & the anatomy of a Chinese cleaver
  • Handling: How do you position your body, hands, and fingers for safe, efficient cutting?
  • Cuts: What are the 10 essential cutting techniques?

Mastery Recipe: Smashed Cucumber Salad (+ how the 10 different cuts affect taste and texture)

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